2.1 Days

This video is not to be taken seriously
any resemblance to anyone or anything is purely coincidental
almost all the facts are made up
and if you are younger than 16, don't worry, I bleeped out all the fucks
please don't watch this if you have no sense of humour:)

So that's the disclaimer, well it's a something anyway. And much like this video it's pretty pointless.
Ok, so where did this all start? Well I don't actually remember so I'll make up something for the purpose of writing something that you might want to read, although you probably won't want to read a lie, thats what reality shows are for. So since you don't want to read about something that didn't happen, I'll tell you about something that did. I stubbed my toe today, trying to do something barefoot on a skateboard ah you don't care. What do you want to hear, do you want to hear that you aren't hearing this, you are seeing this but your brain is talking so it sounds like you're hearing it but aahhh my word I'm driving myself mad.
Truth be told I have no idea what to write about this video, I thought it would be funny filming something typically serious (preparing for an event) and making it not serious at all, after all, that's why I don't do contests, the vibe is too serious at almost all of them and I suck. But I'm dwelling on the negatives like an astronomer staring at your anus. On the possitive side, Tyler was down to make a video and let me make him look like a kook (which wasn't hard)(juuuust kiddinggg, calm your tits Tyler).

So once we had decided on an idea we decided that we were gonna go all out to do it really proffesionally and make the most high budget rip-off video the lesser Durban area had ever seen. We were gonna film different angles, use cool cameras, do interviews and make a whole thing of it. Then about 10 seconds later we realized we weren't gonna waste the little money we had and also neither of us were going to put in that much effort.
So it was decided, a cheap handycam and a flimsy tripod would be our equipment, and we would film stuff only when we were both gonna be at a place anyway to save petrol money, although I blew that budget when I drove to the contest to film the heat.

Oh my word this is boring the living shit out of me so you must be absolutely hating life reading this non-sense. The fact that you have read this far is a testament to how dull your life is right now. Yes I'm talking to you, yes you, oh but you think your life isn't dull, well guess what, look around, where ever you are, this, THIS is clearly more interesting or at least a better use of your time than whatever you could be doing. And you're still reading! Unbelievable, and clearly my life isn't any more interesting, I'm the dooche that's writing this load of never mind,
lets both just accept that that esculated quickly and at least try to do something funner like pollishing a leaf or holding your breath while you wait for food in the microwave and you can only breathe when the buzzer buzzes.
If you could see what I'm doing right now you would understand my pain, well obviously I'm typing but I'm also sighing.
Haha ok cheers, it's cool to know that you are out there, and by that I mean the one person that actually read this whole thing. You are epic, your life sucks but your soul is epic, if you're a hot chick look me up on facebook (Matt Pallet) because I like you. And because I like you I'm gonna give you advise, read a story from a different video, most other videos I had something to write about that inspired me.
Oh and Tyler, I know you gonna read this cause it's your video, so I take back what I said about your soul being epic cause you're useless.
Lakka, I'm gonna go to the microwave.

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