Asylum is a short film about every surfers inner demons, any real surfer will tell you that if they haven't surfed for a while, whether its barely been a day or if its been a month or even more, they start going mental, and eventually they end up in a really dark place. It is in this dark place that we find Nicole, aimlessly wandering alone through her depression, seeking what was once a life of happiness and joy. Alone, lost and depressed there is no way out except to find what it once was that made her happy. Surfing.

But this is the rip-off video and theres not many moments that don't make me laugh. But without wanting to spoil these moments before you watch the video all I'm gonna say is watch the video then come back to here and read the rest.

Ok so you probably didn't listen and you probably don't care but thats fine. Ok so where to begin, if you watched the video you might be a little suspect about the trip at the end, that's because it was my twisted mind that wanted to see her fall, so I told her, just trip, it will be funny. About 100 trips later and Nicole was finally over me and definately over tripping. But that fall was actually partly real, she slipped more than she expected and hurt her wrist, but it at least it looked good.

Another thing you probably don't know is that Nicole was listening to music off her phone while "dancing" in the forest, and when I told her I wanted a clip without sound she didn't realize how dumb I was gonna make her look by sticking in the clip without music. But that's probably the funniest bit for me, but like the fall, it's funnier for me than for Nicole.

Luckily I used effects to blow her up, otherwise she probably wouldn't have enjoyed filming that, with all the loss of limbs and life, but it would have looked real so maybe we should have done that.

This is the original video.