Davey Surfboards Ep.1

In this first episode we embark on a mission to learn about different models (in a game show kinda way), from their assets to their flaws and eventually see if we can decipher a winner. And in this episode are three boards that together make the perfect 3 board quiver, but individually they are very unique, and infact, very similar at the same time.

The first model we will inspect is the perfect summer time fun board, called the WDV. It's shorter and wider than a standard shortboard which is obvious, what isn't obvious is all the other tweaks and features that Rodd Davey gives it when shaping the board. This board is epic for when the waves suck and you can't find motivation to surf, because once you use it, it will open up a whole new world of opportunity. You could have this board as your only board, it will hold up in big waves but when the waves get big and heavy I would be more comfortable on a board designed for those waves.

Second up, we are introduced to the SPAWN, the best all round, high performance board I have ever used. It's the model I use every day, in every type of wave, big, small, mushy, hollow, fast, slow, everything. Myself and Rodd constantly make tiny improvements to the SPAWN but I can easily put down my newest board, pick up an old one and I will feel comfortable instantly. If I had to marry one of these models it would be the SPAWN, and I would spend the night with the next model, model no.3, because it'll be the ride of a lifetime.

Thats no joke, the last model we inspect in this episode has a very intimidating name for someone you would want to sleep with, Optimus (no, not the truck), but she has perfect curves and the ability to get you as deep as you have ever been ;D while still being able to let you get out alive. Back to surfing... it's the perfect board for when you are feeling under-gunned, it will get you into the wave faster, hold the rail and you will never be in want of speed. I have trusted this board in crazy situations and have had the best, biggest, heaviest barrels of my life on it.

-Matt Pallet

Davey Surfboards

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