heeeey peeeps, haven't done this before, so here goes....

This edit that my talented brother put together for me was basically made from the clips that we got at the end of 2015 where I was training to go to Portugal for the WSL World Juniour championships and while I was there. It starts in my hometown Durban and then my dad and I did a little road trip (hence the title) to Vic Bay because the contest in Portugal was supposed to be similar to Vic Bay. So I spent about a week there just surfing and sending footage to my coach for corrections. The waves were so good for that week so I really did score big time and ended up learning a lot because I was just having wave after wave, it kinda felt like a wave pool and that's the best way to improve your surfing.

On the trip to Portugal, my family came with which was sick because i dont think I would have surfed some of the days if my brother wasn't out there with me. We really weren't expecting it to be so huge and we didnt think the swell would last the full three weeks we were there for. The contest site had to move and unfortunately it moved from being a perfect right hand point break at Riberia to a small left hand beach break in the harbour, which was not one of my strengths and I got knocked pretty early. Luckily my family was there and we did a lot of sight seeing and found cool little beaches with some fun waves that my brother and I surfed (some places I had to put some big girl panties on to keep up with him). I think we had about one sunny day for the whole three weeks so getting into wet wetsuites in the rain and wind was not fun, but when that sun came out on the last day, the waves started cooking and we woke up early before the sun so we could get some crackers before the crowd (which we did):D

On the shittier days when it was almost unsurfable we used google maps to try found cool spots and we ended up finding this little garden in the middle of these clay hills which was where we did the lifestyle shots which took like 3 hours because my brother is a perfectionist :| Some of the other lifestyle shots were in the small village of Ericeira including the last clip where I had to smash my face into the side of the wall just so my brother could get the shot and we had to redo it about three times :| but i guess it was worth it in the end since it came out looking kinda funny.

Anyways, hope you guys and girls enjoy this little edit and keep a look out for the next one.
Peace out
Nicole <3