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We create Custom Websites

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About Our Websites

Here at Improper Productions we create custom websites to suit your individual needs.
We strive to give you the ability to be as creative as you want when designing your website because we understand the importance a website can have for your business, career, or even if you just want a website for you to showcase what you do, having control of the appearance of your website is crutial.
We will build your website from the ground up to work for you and give your audience an easy to use website that both looks great but is also interactive,
making it really easy for the public to find you on social media and/or contact you.
We give you the ability to choose how your website will look, and what information is displayed, you can choose colours and fonts, it's up to you, we just make it a reality.
Below are some basic examples of what can be included in your site, but remember, your website can have pretty much any layout and flow that you want...


We can embed YouTube/Vimeo videos and make them fluid, by that we mean, whether you are looking at the video on a cell phone or a computer, it will fit on the screen, and your viewers will be able to use minimal scrolling/zooming in and out to see your videos or text. Your video can be any size from the full width of the screen to as small as you want.

We edited the above video for fun, because we figured it would be funny and we had footage lying around waiting to be used, all we had to do was make some alien pictures and incorporate them in a way that made them appear to interact with the clips.

At Improper Productions, we also edit and/or film, which means, if you require a video you don't have to look any further. You can view more HERE
For any questions just send us an email.


Use Images to Enhance Your Website

Transform your website with a variety of different methods of showcasing your images.
From background images to responsive sliders, we can make your website look and feel however you want it to.
Need to show a gallery? Need to display images throughout your site? Need to keep groups of images in their own seperate sliders? Need to use images as links, or give images effects?
It's all possible.

Kelly Cestari

All above pictures were taken by Kelly Cestari, view his work HERE.


You Have Control

We give you the control to choose how your website looks, where things are placed and how you want it to flow.
To do this offer the use of videos and images as seen above, as well as sliders to keep bulky chunks of media wrapped up in a user friendly, pleasing manner. We also offer custom navigation options to let you decide how you want your audience to navigate through your website.
You can be extremely creative when coming up with ideas on how you want your website to look, feel and flow. Whether thats keeping it simple, easy to use and clean, or fun, detailed and interesting to get people exploring your website, the choice is yours to suit you individually.


Feel free to contact us!

Whether you have any questions, concerns or if you need a quote, email or call us and we will do our best to provide you with as much information as you need.

Every website is different and requires different amounts of work, this is why we do not have a price list, but we will give you a quote once we know what it is that you are looking for.

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Phone: 072 633 8691